Why You Need A Vision Board On Your Phone

Welcome guys!
Don’t worry , I am also thrilled to create this blog post 😅……. me?? I am not even a fan of jotting down my goals on a paper, because truth be told, I don’t even end up going back to it ! Everything is in my head and I think that works better for me.

However, lately I have been gaining so much inspiration as to the creation of vision boards

And although the law of Attraction has always worked for me without it, I just felt it isn’t gonna be bad if I make one, so yeah! I went ahead and created one( in a stylish way cause I made it on my PHONE)😅 I explained the reason why in the video.


Now! This is why you need a Vision Board on your phone ;

  1. It is very much ACCESSIBLE: This is quite easy to explain you know? Right now you are probably ( most likely ) using your phone to read this blog! Yeah I guessed so. You are also likely to look at your vision board also on your phone. More than the average population are always on their phone which makes it more easy to always check out your vision boards and think about them over and over again( imagine everything you put down on the board happening to you and the LAW OF ATTRACTION WORKS! Cool right?)
  2. You can always save it to your email or gmail account in situations where your phone gets missing or it’s not accessible at that moment. You can always go to the cafe/ borrow someone’s phone to sign in your email account to access it.
  3. Unlike Vision Boards that are being made on huge / small Cardboards that Can be kept in the room or any place you stay, your vision board on your phone is not like that. You take your phone everywhere with you , therefore also taking your vision boards along on your phone. But do you take the vision boards in your room everywhere you go? It could be quite stressful right? And you don’t want everyone to see what you have on the board 🤷‍♀️Well I wouldn’t want that also.
  4. You can save it as your Phone Screen Saver like I did, that way, every morning when you get up from your bed and and check your phone, the first thing you see will be your Vision board and this would give a spark in your brain that you have a lot to do to make all your goals happen! Also, it being your screen saver also gives you the opportunity to see it every single time and you start acting on them even faster.

Those are my reasons guy! It’s also very good to create a vision board and put it in the room , people are different I understand. But this is what works for me and I hope it works for you too ❤️
Till next blog post lovelies 💋

Akomolede Mosunmoluwa is a law student and a successful entrepreneur with three businesses in her name – A makeup artist, a fashion designer and a vendor ofcosmetics and fashion wears. Mosunmoluwa blogs about lifestyle, beauty and Faith.

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