Skincare Products I started Using & Currently Loving for this Weather

Hello guys! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Wow! This is my first post of the Year and I’m so happy to see this new year tbh ! Last year was a bumpy ride but this new year is filled with a lot of dreams come through!

I decided to kick of this new year with my recent Skin care routine. These are products I started using from December till now! And prefer for this Harmattan weather.

I will give a detailed information and also how I use them on my YouTube Channel so don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE!


The Ordinary AHA 30 % + BHA 2 %
Peeling lotion

This Product right here is an exfoliator and No ! It doesn’t peel your skin 😂the impression is to remove the dead cells and reveal healthier and beautiful skin . I know some people have different impressions about “ the ordinary” skincare products, but so far so good I have been using this and I will show you guys a one month update on my channel. I use this twice every week after cleansing my face and making sure it’s completely dry. I apply it for 10 mins and then rinse off. This is to thoroughly cleanse my skin and eliminating germs that causes aches and spots. At least I can say I haven’t gotten so much aches since I started using it! As oppose to when I didn’t. You need to use Sunscreen while using this product , I showed you the sunscreen I use for my skin in this POST. It may dry out your skin and that’s why I’m gonna tell you guys about the next product I use after rinsing it off


Arami Glow Oil

I got this Arami Glow oil recently because of the good reviews I heard about it and also because I was preparing for the harmattan. Taking into consideration that my skin will get so dry during this weather, I need to change my skin care routine ! So far so good this has worked for me. It doesn’t darken my skin and it doesn’t make my skin feel greasy. This Product is a Nigerian Skincare Brand and I purchased it from their website HERE . I’m hoping to get other skincare products from their brand too.


Arami Onyx Black Soap

If you don’t already know now, I’m a SUCKER for Black soaps! Literally! I feel they are so good for my body! And tbh , I got this product together with the glow oil ( since they are from the same brand ) because I wanted the effect to be more efficient on my skin. This black soap doesn’t dry out my skin. It may sting a little while applying it on your face / body, but it’s nothing to worry about. It’s good for other skin conditions like dark marks. Spots and stretch marks which I have and I’m gradually getting rid off.

I will do a full review and how to apply this products on my channel after a month of using it, showing you guys the BEFORE & AFTER of my skin.

These are the ONLY products I use for this Harmattan.

The Arami black soap to wash/ cleanse my face and body

The ordinary Aha 30% + BHA 2 % peeling solution to exfoliate ( twice a week)

The Arami glow oil to moisturize my face and body

What skin products do you use for this Harmattan weather? I would love to know in the comment section ❤️

See you guys in my next post 💋

Akomolede Mosunmoluwa is a law student and a successful entrepreneur with three businesses in her name – A makeup artist, a fashion designer and a vendor ofcosmetics and fashion wears. Mosunmoluwa blogs about lifestyle, beauty and Faith.

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