Hello lovelies!

Thanks for coming back to read my blog posts, it means so much to me.

As y’all know, I share a lot about my lifestyle over here and I try to also keep y’all updated every single time ! It’s the month of September and a lot has happened these past months 😅

Anyways, this new month comes with some changes that I will be spilling out shortly ! But before I go on, I do have a YOUTUBE CHANNEL and I will encourage y’all to subscribe to my channel as I post valuable video contents !

So let’s get into the discussion of today! As regarding my blog , I would be posting every week and will be sending y’all monthly newsletters! I realized that being consistent keeps me grounded and reminds me of why I started!

As regards my YouTube, y’all should be expecting weekly contents from me also! ‘ Cause we need to grow that channel together yeah ?

If you have been following me on my Instagram HERE you would realize I use to post Beauty contents, majorly 1 min makeup videos, well I hate to break the bad news but I’m gonna be stopping that for now 😩 I would be posting occasionally and not frequently . The reason is because I figured out I do not get enough traffic that I would have preferred and releasing contents do take time and hard-work! And so, all that will go into my Channel! That’s why I’m urging y’all to SUBSCRIBE ❤️

Lastly ! This month will be filled with experiences and hopefully I am able to document all and share 🤗 I would be continuing my sewing classes because I stopped for a while but I’m glad to be back ! I do have a Fashion Store where you can purchase pieces made by me and other fashion wears.

That being said! I hope you do have a productive month, it’s never too late to start whatever you have been wanting to start ❤️ if you have a YouTube channel, comment below, let’s support one another 🤗😩