I’m A Law Graduate !!! | How I attained First Class, Pictures & more

Guys!!!! Wait a Minute!!! Like what??? I’m officially A GRADUATE!

Guys ! I graduated on the 17th of January 2020 with a Degree in Law ( FIRST CLASS HONORS) 

I have always dreamt to see the day I graduate! I planned the events in my head , and even if some things didn’t go as planned, I wouldn’t wanna miss my graduation for anything in the world!!!

The Question a lot of people have been asking me is how I was able to do everything I was doing , my business, blog , youtube etc and still have a First Class in Law. I won’t paint the answer to be SIMPLE! Cause it’s Not! 

Nothing good comes easy. I worked really hard! I had to plan a lot, which was very important to me. I am a planner, I make sure to schedule everything I wanna do that day or the next day. Although, I may not accomplish everything, but I will make sure I complete the maximum at least . 

Also, I am a Reader. I read a lot lol , I’m not so good at calculating ( maths, statistics, science) but if it is to read a book, count me in ! Law requires a lot of reading and of course cramming. I would say I started learning how to cram when I started reading law. People are different so I will advise you to study yourself and know what works for you. I had to study myself to know the reading technique that suits me and I made sure I read everyday! I couldn’t do late hour / impromptu reading 😂 nah , that’s not me , I’m gonna flop ! Just starting to read a day before my exams is a NO NO for me .

Pre- Convocation Vlog

I loved doing a lot of things, especially things I’m really interested in and this brings me to my business, blogging and posting videos on my YouTube. The truth is , when I was at school , I didn’t do a lot of this because my education is very much important. I stopped youtube for a while but I kept on posting on my blog because that was easier. I also focused on my business ( sales of cosmetics) because it was also easy for me to do in school. Most female students loved makeup and I had a lot of customers. 

I made sure I aimed so high ! I didn’t want Grade B in any course! I wanted to have all As. This is my reason why ; when you Aim higher , you tend to work for it and make sure you achieve it , however, if something goes wrong, and you fall back , it won’t be too much ( if I read and work really hard to make all As and something happens along the way , maybe in my tests or Exams , I may most likely have a B or C and nothing below ! ) but if you only aim to get all Bs / Cs because you think you can’t get an A then you need to change that mindset because you will never get that A , you may even get lower. if you keep on thinking that way. Take my example, try it out and see!

Create Good Relationships! Walk with people with the same mindset and goals as yours. I had a lot of friends at the beginning but I had to let go of some of them because it was obvious that we weren’t going to the same direction and I needed to stop it. I have few friends now but I can’t ask for more! They have shaped me and also impacted a lot in me. 

I wasn’t the type to read with a lot of people , nah! That’s not for me😂 I preferred to read alone or with a reading partner because my reading pattern may be quite intimidating to the other people and personally, I may not assimilate well. I prefer to do revision and discuss with my friends after I’m done reading! Guys ! This helps a lot! I can’t even stress this enough, revising with friends has helped me , especially during exams. There were somethings I would have forgotten to read and revising with friends gave me the insight about it and I would just go through my books to read more. It also helps you to remember things quickly. I won’t advise you to read in Groups, but you should revise in groups. However, do what works for you. 

During Exams, I made sure I read the instructions provided in the question paper thoroughly as well as the questions. I made a mistake once when I was in 100 level and I missed the entire question of 15 marks. If you don’t understand, you can ask for an interpretation from the invigilator or request a permission to ask someone beside you. Also! This is very IMPORTANT, please make sure you ANSWER ALL THE QUESTIONS YOU ARE MEANT TO ANSWER, even though you may have no idea as regard one question , try and at least write something ( even if it may be wrong) except you don’t even read at all for the exams . Also, do not waste so much time on a Question, jump to the other Question to attempt, but remember you still have an unattempted question ( very important) 

I was also very fast during exams. I guess that’s how my brains works, I’m quick to answer questions after reading it well. As I start answering, more ideas keeps coming to my head. I wasn’t the type to time myself during exams but I think you should if you don’t know how to manage your time. Always have a wrist watch with you just in case you feel you are spending so much time on a question. I have never left the exam hall without attempting all my questions, I try to touch all the questions at least. Also, try to study Past Questions ( although tbh, I wasn’t a fan of it tho, felt it was wasting my time😂) but hey! It still helps.

Lastly, believe so much in yourself , everyone is also trying to pass and graduate, not everyone will focus on you , so you have to focus on yourself. Pray harder! Try to balance your spiritual life and your academics, don’t let one suffer because of the other. Most importantly, be yourself! ❤️

Akomolede Mosunmoluwa is a law student and a successful entrepreneur with three businesses in her name – A makeup artist, a fashion designer and a vendor ofcosmetics and fashion wears. Mosunmoluwa blogs about lifestyle, beauty and Faith.

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