How To Become A Successful Blogger

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Hello Fam,

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This has been a highly requested post because a lot of you have been asking me about how I succeed as a blogger, whether I make money or not, how I manage my blog and so on. I decided to make a blog post on it to avoid repeating myself twice.

So let me jump right in

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Find your niche :

I know we are all familiar with this statement, but it’s not just an ordinary statement, it’s very important to know what you want to do with your blog, the message you want to pass across, the influence you want to make it’s all in the niche; for example, my niche is anything beauty, makeup and lifestyle. Yours could be news, gossip, football, poetry, writing, drawing, fashion, food etc what interest you? What do you want to be blogging about?

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Create a website / blog :

Now this could be the technical aspect, people usually ask me the difference between a blog and a website and I simply tell them it’s almost the same thing. When you have a blog, you already have a website, but some websites are not for blogging while every blog must be a website, you dig? There are different apps you can use to create a blog for yourself and the good thing is that it’s FREE I personally use the WordPress platform because I feel it’s much easier for me. And I am currently running the free plan because I plan on monetizing when I have reached my ultimate goal of amount of people that check my blog, smart right? I know ???? so it’s safe to say I haven’t started making money on the blog yet but I am making money FROM it ( in the sense that I get paid by some brands to market their products for them through my blog, so I’m being paid by them and not from the blog) to cut the whole story short, you can start a free plan for now so you can be able to understand how the platform works first. However, some pay website designers to create a blog for them, that’s okay too, if you have the money that instant and you not afraid to spend it, but you should bear it in mind that you will have to maintain that blog for a long time.

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Create contents :

If you want to stay active with your blog, you have to keep creating content that are within your “niche” and I will advise you schedule your post, maybe once every week or twice every month or once daily, anyone that works for you. If it’s news; you should know you have to keep posting because things happen everyday!!! And so on.

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Collaborate :

One thing that has really helped me in this blogging business is COLLABORATION. Have you ever heard collaboration over competition? Yeah you should have???? it’s highly important that you collaborate with other bloggers with the same niche as you and also with brands that make your niche more visible. When you collaborate, you are helping each other to grow in your niche and you are also increasing your audience. I will explain how to collaborate in another post.

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Create an Email List :

This has been trending fam and it’s very very important to do so, because there will be valuable information you will want to pass on to your subscribers and you won’t want them to miss any special offer from you, you also want to stay connected with them because we all know the social media might not be a stable place, you can wake up the next morning and you realize that Instagram or twitter or any media has disappeared! Shocking right!! But if you have an email list, you can still stay connected with people that are interested in your niche, you won’t have to loose anything!! You can create an email list from HERE , I personally want to create another one, but when i monetize my blog( planning on doing so very soon!!!!) because I figured out that’s easier to create an email list when your blog is monetized and the dormain is yours. I will also make a post very soon on how to create an email list (after I monetize my blog) so it’s safe to say that to get an effective email list, your blog has to be monetize (you need to pay for it)

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So Fam, i personally feel this is all you need to know if you want to be a successful blogger and if you do this consistently, you will really go higher! Honestly, nothing beats consistency and hard work, people will start getting attracted to you, people will want to get interested in your content and this depends on how you put it out there! Don’t forget start now! Don’t wait for someone else or don’t feel like because everyone is doing it, the truth is everyone is doing the Same thing, so why don’t you just hop into your interest and make it work?

Lastly, don’t do it for the money, because you will get frustrated. Do it because you want to pass a message. When you start a blog, it doesn’t mean you will start making money immediately,especially when you monetize it. You should be able to get your audience interested in what you put outside. Don’t rely on your blog for the money, for real, most bloggers don’t get their entire source of income from their blogs TBH ! All you need to do is to be genuine with your contents and the money will come sooner or later.


Akomolede Mosunmoluwa is a law student and a successful entrepreneur with three businesses in her name – A makeup artist, a fashion designer and a vendor ofcosmetics and fashion wears. Mosunmoluwa blogs about lifestyle, beauty and Faith.


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