Guide To make Your 2020 Resolutions

Hello Fam!

As y’all know already, the year is coming to an end and there’s always this tradition that never stops ! ( Creating a New year resolution) no matter how vague and unrealistic that sounds ( because let’s face it, we may not even live up to them! ) it’s still very important to guide your steps.

Tbh, I won’t say I’m a sucker for new year resolutions because I just like life to happen by itself, but this stopped In the beginning of this year ! I made sure I had total control of what I wanted. I knew everything I wanted in my HEAD ( guys I didn’t even write it down ) I Knew I wanted to finish well with a first class degree, I knew I wanted to get a website, I knew I wanted to be consistent on YouTube and all that! And guess what? ALL THAT HAPPENED! Because I made it to! You have the power and the mind.

So guys I will tell you a short guide on how you can create your own new year resolution and to make it work out for you❤️

KNOW YOURSELF : Very important ! Know yourself before you can even know want you want ! Most people with new year resolutions that do not work out is because they don’t even know themselves enough to know what they want actually. Knowing yourself gives you the power to decide on things important for you and things you want to achieve.

KNOW WHAT YOU WANT: This obviously comes immediately after knowing yourself. When you know what you want, there shouldn’t be anything to stop you from getting it . There’s no doubt that there could be some challenges, maybe from family and friends, but the truth is; if you really want something, you will try as much as possible to get it! Happened to me a lot of times . I’m not the type to give up easily And that’s why by God’s Grace, I have gotten this far.

ALWAYS THINK ABOUT THEM: okay , I’m not gonna urge you to write them down and all that, but if you wanna, you are free to. I have written down so many things that I have failed to even go back on them 😂your most powerful asset is your MIND. What you think about shapes you, either positively or negatively. I prefer to think about the things I want, that way, I can never forget them.

GIVE YOURSELF CREDIT : I’m gonna stop here today, but I just wana tell you that it’s important to appreciate yourself that you are trying and you will eventually get what you want. Always keep a positive mindset throughout the journey! It helps a lot! Also, if you have also achieved other things, Nd grateful and don’t forget the steps you took to get there, those are the little things that counts ❤️

I hope after this, you are ready to MAKE SOME NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS!! Because it’s not too late !

See you soon guys 💋 xoxo

Akomolede Mosunmoluwa is a law student and a successful entrepreneur with three businesses in her name – A makeup artist, a fashion designer and a vendor ofcosmetics and fashion wears. Mosunmoluwa blogs about lifestyle, beauty and Faith.

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