Hello guys!

In today’s blog and also in the spirit of Christmas, I will be sharing with y’all my Christmas essentials and what I also think you should have for Christmas. At the end of this, I would also love it if you shared yours at the comment section below ❤️ LETS GO!

First of all, I wana say that there are ALOT Of things needed for this season, and if I’m to write everything here, y’all will get so bored, I will also get so bored 😅 so I streamlined it to be only 5! That way, you can also get the message ❤️💋

1. NEW CLOTHES : In December, the weather is usually not the same with other seasons and countries. In some parts of the world, it’s really cold and some Other part, it’s hot / warm! Either way, you have to change your clothes to suit the weather you are in. The weather I am in right now is quite warm and I do wear lighter clothes. Also, this is a season of celebration, that also means newer clothes, accessories, shoes😏 and lots more! Take yourself out for shopping and spend on yourself.

2. TRAVEL SIZE PRODUCTS: It’s no doubt that a lot of people would wanna travel this season, and we know the challenges that comes with carrying heavy loads and all that! You need to get travel size products of what you wana carry with you. If it’s a skincare product, hair product, purse , perfume , bag etc, you need to get the travel size package To reduce stress and make packing your luggage easier! Anyways, safe journey for those traveling ❤️💋

3. GROCERIES : This is also a season of lots and lots of food! You can never have enough because people will always come visiting and you need to give them something to eat. A season where you also host dinners, family get together, lunch and so on. Stock up your refrigerators! Go to the grocery store to buy more items if you are running short of groceries, this is a season of joy, laughter and FOOD😅😂

4. GIFT : This cannot be over- emphasized. Apart from Christmas being a season of celebration, it’s also a season to give out to loved ones, friends , family and also to the needy or homeless. This is very important as you are also portraying that we are celebrating Jesus Christ, and he encourages us to give out! Gifts aren’t only meant for your friends, but also to your enemies ❤️, make them also feel loved.

5. CHRISTMAS TREE : What is a CHRISTMAS without A CHRISTMAS TREE? You can purchase a Christmas tree from any Christmas store, to decorate your house. Or, you can cut a tree from your property and turn it into a Christmas tree with all the jingles, bells , lights and all that. Wow! I have always loved the feeling of Christmas, especially when I see the trees around❤️. This is one of the best seasons of my life and I’m happy I get to also share it with y’all.

I’m also doing a VLOGMAS , so check that out and also watch my day to day activities until Christmas! See you in my next blog post ❤️💋