Hello guys!

Thanks for tuning in to read today’s blog! Yeah, Blogmas is still going on and I’m more pumped up than ever to share with y’all my day to day experience… from the boring ones😅😂 to the interesting ones!

Today, I had an impromptu outing with a friend of mine and since we are in the spirit of Christmas, I had no choice ❤️plus he’s not just any friend . I enjoyed every bit of the moment. I will share more on my vlog today.

I got home quite tired and needed to really unwind ! But then I had to clear my room and I was like, you know what? Why don’t I show y’all how I do clean my room!😁 I took you through that also in my video, as well as a pamper skincare routine I do for myself before I go to bed.

If you noticed in my videos, my skin is just going through a lot, and this is just the bad time 😭 anyways it’s clearing up now and I showed you products I used to treat my dark spots ! It’s advisable to watch my vlog and enjoy every ride with me! I will see y’all in my next blog post tomorrow . This post will be a different one from my vlogmas.😁💋