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Hello fam!!

I am so so so sorry that I have been MIA (Missing In Action) on my blog, I had to get involved with some things that’s gonna be of great benefit to me and my platforms. If you have been following me up, you would know that I am already a final year student, and that title comes with alot of hard work and fun too????

Anyways, I wanted to be back in October, but I couldn’t wait, I have missed blogging so much and within the weeks I was gone, it made be realize that it’s already a part of me that can’t change. This platform is like an open diary, where I share my personal thoughts and opinions to y’all, where I communicate and meet people who vibe with my contents.

Today I am gonna be taking y’all through some tips that has been helping me manage my businesses (spilling my tea for y’all????) You all know I am a makeup artist and I do a couple of things under the brand, you can check out my makeup page HERE. I am currently taking fashion designing courses online and sewing classes. Now the question is how do I balance this up?


If you wana manage your business or businesses well enough, you have to keep being active in everything you Do. What you are also doing must be something you wana do and you enjoy doing it. If you enjoy doing it, it will certainly make you happy and release a sense of comfort in you. Being active also means being productive enough for your businesses.


Yas! I love that feeling. Someone asked me today on WhatsApp about how I manage to get my thoughts and ideas together and not to feel the rush to do alot of things immediately. Personally, you should write every idea that pops up in your head concerning your businesses down in a paper. This will help you declutter your mind and make you focus on what you need to focus on, that Is, it keeps you balanced. I have a small diary that I carry around with me in case something new crosses my mind about my businesses, I will write them down. Writing them down gives me the illusion that I have every thing planned out and it keeps me more organized and balanced about my businesses. I have learnt to take baby steps. Always learn to appreciate where you are now. Rushing into things because other people are doing will make you feel less of yourself.


Don’t make one business suffer because of another, create time for your businesses. You can select specific dates or time for them if you feel they are not related to each other. I am a beauty artist and also into fashion designing, being a blogger enables me to merge these businesses together because I can blog about style and beauty. Make sure you enjoy what you are doing, that’s the only way you will feel more devoted to have time for them, so what’s the key guys? ???? Have passion for your businesses.


Fam this may not be part of the tip, but it’s a good advice from me to you; be selective with who you tell your business plans to. The wrong people will frustrate and keep you off balance, and you don’t want that. Share your plans with people that can help you in your field and people that pursue similar goals.


Keeping records of your progress, your financial experiences, daily activities concerning your business enables you to be more functional. It also helps you in balancing your businesses because you will be able to know how far you have gone and how much progress and steps you have made in your businesses. Keeping records also put you on track and when ever you can’t really think of any idea, you can at least look back and see what made you get to this position you are in now. It can also be therapeutic.


Always be a step ahead in your businesses. You own your business, you make the rules, you change the settings and so you have power over it. Don’t be afraid to always move on because I know some people always find it hard to make a huge step in their businesses, basically because they are scared that things won’t turn out right. You have to take risks in life, if they don’t turn out to be good , you will learn from your experience. Your business won’t stay this way forever, so be ready to grab on new opportunities that are related to your fields and have a goal for your business.


You could be involved in alot of things, probably you have a professional job you are doing, but you are also a makeup artist or you are a vendor, it may be hard for you to balance everything; so here’s my advise to y’all ;SEEK ASSISTANCE . You will need assistance, especially when you know your businesses are moving forward and you need to continue to keep up a good name. You may feel getting assistance may be another burden, but why should it be called “assistance” if it’s gonna be a burden ????. Be ready to invest if you want your business to continue moving forward to a balanced level.

8. SAVE :

This is gonna be the last tip and what has been helping me. Of course you have to save to balance your businesses ????‍♀️ we all need capital to build our businesses and to keep it moving forward. Your profits are also to be spent wisely. If you haven’t started saving, even if you feel there’s nothing to save for, just save. I usually recommend an app for effective saving, click HERE. This app has been disciplining me when it comes to saving, this is because I do have alot of needs ( like who don’t tho? ) and I love meeting my needs, but this app makes you withdraw at least after 3 months of saving, and it gives you interests each time you save( so cool????). If you save well, it keeps you more organized and if you are organized, you will be able to balance your businesses.

All these tips are my personal opinions, they have been helping me in line with my businesses, and I thought of sharing them in my platform . If you have any tip that has been helping You, please do share in the comment section below ???? let us learn from each other❤❤

Akomolede Mosunmoluwa is a law student and a successful entrepreneur with three businesses in her name – A makeup artist, a fashion designer and a vendor ofcosmetics and fashion wears. Mosunmoluwa blogs about lifestyle, beauty and Faith.

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