Hellow lovelies ????

As promised, I said you will be hearing from me here on Wednesdays and Fridays and I am keeping up to it by God’s grace

Happy New month guys and i will be talking about how you can stay organized this month

These are my top 5 tips of staying organised and guys I love going according to plans. My close friends know me for that, I dis- Like impromptu situations and I love being consistent in what I do.

So let’s get into my tips ????;


I don’t mean be a writer like me???????? I mean you should be able to write your plans down guys! I don’t know how am gonna stress this, but visualizing your plans isn’t enough! Because trust me alot of things happen around us that may even make us forget. Writing your plans down is a way to get it off your mind and start working on it. Do you know the fun part? When you write it down, you start seeing yourself doing it????????cool right? So get the nearest pen and paper to you and write down what you wana do this month, it’s that simple guys. ????????


I don’t literary mean go to your workplace but hey! If you have a job please be going ????. Here, it’s always good to get busy. This is another effective way of getting organized because you are preparing your brain mentally for tasks and work to do. If you get busy, you get to do more things and eventually it keeps you in an organized pace because you would have gotten most things done. Instead of staying in bed all day(except if you are down or ill), why not go out, stroll, get busy with something, go on the net to get inspirations. Sometimes guys, I stay on my bed not even doing anything, and how do I end up feeling? Bad???? cause i didn’t accomplish Any thing. Time waits for no man, the time you spent doing nothing, you would have done something that will make you a better person you know?


With the way the world is going, there is so much depression, alot of people committing suicide ???? this is very sad. You have to be mentally prepared to make yourself happy guys . Happiness from within goes along way. If you are happy you get more things done! Because you are balanced and there is nothing weighing you down. Okay how about This? If you are sad and there’s nothing to keep you happy, have you heard “fake it till you make it? Push yourself to be happy even if the situation isn’t, and the happiness will truly blossom ( A tip) if you can’t make yourself happy first, the happiness anyone will give to you will not last longer. Happiness must start from you first dear. STAY HAPPY, STAY ORGANIZED ( keep saying that to yourself)

4. MUSIC :

I can’t stress it enough but music makes me get more things done. I don’t know about y’all but when my speakers is on, I get lifted and I accomplish alot. This doesnt mean I don’t get things done without it, it’s just an inspiration for me. You could listen to podcasts, inspirations talks and alot of things to keep you organized, it works alot! Music is a link to the soul, it either makes you sad or smile. What gets your motivated most times when you need to get things done fast??? Let me know below ????????

5. HOBBY :

If I tell you that doing what you love to do keeps you organized, would you believe ??? My dear it does hun! Doing a hobby or a talent is better than doing nothing atal. It makes you organized because you are doing what will benefit you in the long run. I do alot of things I love and this keeps me organized because I plan to do them, my brain is already channelled in doing them. I blog because I love blogging, it has always been a habit, I also create makeup looks and i add that to my schedule to keep me organized. I also sing, make videos, draw, write. All these keep me busy guys .

Now I am done with my expos, let me know what keeps you organized and what you love to do at the comment sections, let’s air our opinions ????????????????????we are learning everyday you know ????

Akomolede Mosunmoluwa is a law student and a successful entrepreneur with three businesses in her name – A makeup artist, a fashion designer and a vendor ofcosmetics and fashion wears. Mosunmoluwa blogs about lifestyle, beauty and Faith.

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