Welcome Fam,

These days I have been trying to gather up alot of contents for you all, and coupled with my busy schedule, It has not been easy, but I will try to be very consistent.

My semi finals exam is fast approaching And I have been preparing steadily to ace the exams, but then I thought of sharing with you at least 5 things above all that I do to ace my exams;


I can’t stress this enough but it is very very important to prepare early for our upcoming exams. Personally, Immediately lectures start, I start reading. Mind You, studying and reading are different. I will come to that later.


I do alot of research. I make use of textbooks, materials or the internet to read my books. I feel that reading only my lecture note is not enough, because the lecturers don’t give us enough details on a course ( they expect us to go and research for ourselves) . This method has helped me alot!


Okay, this method may not apply to everyone, because it’s not every one that actually jot what they read. I love writing so I feel the best way I retain things is to jot them down in a notebook. When I read my lecture note or any course material, I jot it down. (If you want a more detailed explanation on how I jot, comment below )


Now this is where I explain the difference between reading and jotting. When you read, you have a basic knowledge of something, however when you are asked a question on that thing, you may not be able to give a solid answer on it (you may not give the answer to full capacity in exams because you just have a background knowledge of it) However, when you study, you have an in-depth knowledge of the material, you possess almost all the knowledge of it and you will be able to answer questions to your full capacity.

The last but not the least is to


After studying you still have to go over it again. As a law student, I am so familiar with cases and in all my exams, I must be able to cram cases and the judgement of those cases. If you also wana know how I cram my cases, comment below. When you revise over again, you tend to remember what ever you have read for the exams. The same goes to cramming of cases.

We all know the last method that crowns it all up Is; committing everything into God’s hands. And please do not be tensed before exams. I get tensed but I think I can handle it, but some people can’t and they end up forgetting it all.

I hope these few methods are helpful ????

Comment what you do to ace your exams also???????? we have different ways, let us share????????