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I’m so excited for today’s blog post and the first of its kind of course! I will be interviewing Creatives every Friday here on my blog to encourage people making a huge difference in our society.

Today’s Guest is a Creative with a good taste of Modern Fashion. Let’s listen to what he has to say about himself and his brand 😊

Mommo: Please kindly introduce yourself and your Brand ?

SegunTuyi : My name is Onakoya Seguntuyi, a fashion designer, fashion stylist, creative director and I own a clothing brand called HouseOftuyi; a clothing brand incorporated for the modern Man.

Mommo : How did you come about your fashion Brand ?

SegunTuyi : Well, tbh! The clothing brand thing was never really part of the plan, I’ve always wanted to be a fashion stylist, cause I loved to watch dress up challenges, fashion week shows, read fashion magazines, even as dated back to secondary school were we used to wear double sucks as fashion (laughs). My point is I’ve just loved dressing up to stand out a long time ago and I guess the inspiration is my dad, he’s a man that doesn’t joke with his outfits, always uptight, up to date and NEAT.

Mommo : Did you start all this by yourself , or with the help & support from Family and Friends?

SegunTuyi : Yes, I actually started all by myself, I mean it started dawning on me that I would eventually take this thing business wise someday back in 100l/200 level, especially the styling cause that’s what I actually focused on, I would beg my school Photograhers for some sessions, dress up nicely and some that were close buds with me would take and edit and give me the picture till I started having some money to pay for real sessions and everyone would think that I’m obsessed about camera and stuff rather I was trying to build my portfolio before leaving school 😂, then my some of my family members, my sister started showing supports and interest in me, she send some money for me to create some shots and also make wears, that’s when the clothing line started coming up, I was like; since I’m a stylist why not just make outstanding wears to revamp the whole idea of styling and boom I started the clothing line. But I’m all honestly family and some fundamental friends helped me as well.

Mommo : How does it feel to be The CEO of your Brand ?

SegunTuyi : Omo it is tiring ooo, it’s no chilling zone, I have to crack my heads for designs that haven’t been done before, find materials that would fit the designs and put my tailors in perfect mind to be able to align the creativity I want to theirs to produce good wears, it’s stress but it’s also not stress when your doing what you love but we are still pushing, we are not near what we want but we are pushing. I don’t see the CEO role as anything big, I just want to meet the standards I have set for the clothing brand.

Mommo : What is the worst challenge you have ever faced as regards your brand ?

SegunTuyi: Worst challenge! Hnmmmmm. So there are customers and there are CUSTOMERS. I was in tune with one customer and we had mistakenly taken a wrong measurement and we were doing a job for him worth almost N300,000k and it wasn’t his size after production, Omo I almost slept in jail ooo, it wasn’t funny, I almost just closed the line but God has he’s way, we got out of the mess and came back strong but you know it’s one of those things, we just stood up and learnt our mistakes and continued life.

Mommo : Who are your mentors in the fashion industry and why ?

SegunTuyi : Mentors hnmmm, you know I run lien 3 things at a time right, styling, clothing line and creative directing so there are like different mentors for these distinguished brands, My dad, Denola Grey, the fashion infidel, Alex costa, Yomi causal, brown inspired and a whole lot more. Reason is because some of these people I have mentioned not only love to stand out but they are cultured fashion dictators, fashion is not just to wear outfits and shout drip drip drip like the normal trend now, it’s a lifestyle, it goes far back even to the cleanliness of your room, toilet, kitchen, personal hygiene, devotion, organization, neatness and the list goes on, that’s why my brand is incorporated for the modern brand, to teach culture and responsibility. This is a complete fashion lifestyle.

Mommo : Do you own a store yet? Or planning on owning one?

SegunTuyi : I don’t own a store yet! I’m I planning to? Well maybe but not in my plans now, reason is because there are better places your things can be now than a store, the social media world has simplified everything now, but right now I’m based on order and deliver, it suits well so the shop thing isn’t a complete No maybe as we advance I might just need a shop but for now I don’t.

Mommo : How long have you been doing this business?

SegunTuyi: Almost 4 years now. Dated back to 200l selling vintage shirts lol

Mommo : Have you collaborated with any brand? If yes, which ?

SegunTuyi : Yes just a few brands cause I don’t like collaborating just anyhow but just a few, back in school with Aquila footwear’s for the final year thanksgiving outfits and now with ezi_ng also a shoe brand. It usually compliments my wears and I’ll be collaborating with mommo soon😜

Mommo : okay!😅 so what is your advise to those that wants to start a fashion business?

SegunTuyi : First of all I’m not one of those motivational speakers so I’m just going to say this, don’t let anyone fool you, keep your head high, do not exchange quality for anything because of money, quality makes ur brand stand out, if the people around you want to make cloths but can not afford quality don’t do it, I’m saying this because I don’t compromise, I don’t want my clothing tags to be on a dead or less quality material, I always aim for good materials because that’s what makes the genuine customers come back. Also be persistent and be creative. Thank you

Thank you for joining us SegunTuyi, we appreciate you. If you wanna know more of him and brand , follow his Instagram pages SegunTuyi , SegunTuyiconcepts and HouseofTuyi.

Here are also some of his work

You can check his page for more.

Please don’t forget to leave your comments, let us talk, do you want more interviews? Let me know! Till next time Fam ❤️

Akomolede Mosunmoluwa is a law student and a successful entrepreneur with three businesses in her name – A makeup artist, a fashion designer and a vendor ofcosmetics and fashion wears. Mosunmoluwa blogs about lifestyle, beauty and Faith.

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